I gotta admit, this is an awesome idea, but I don't necessarily think it's going to make any difference.  The state of Michigan is deploying "talking urinal cakes", you read that right!

In an effort to keep people that are too drunk to drive off the road, a urinal cake will be placed in Michigan Licensed Beverage Association members Wayne County, including Detroit, that will get a man's attention when he's handling his business in the bathroom.



When men do their "thing" in the urinal, if they are too drunk to drive, a females voice will play that is intended to bring the man to the attention that he is too drunk to drive and should call a friend or a cab.

Talking urinal cakes have been used in other states to try and accomplish the same thing.

In my opinion, great idea!  But do you really think this will work?

Get more great information on this story here at Amarillo Globe News.

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