This morning as I arrived to the studios at 5am we were surprised with a package waiting for us at the front door that said "The Hacker Morning Show."

Now since I was by myself at the time I wanted to open the package when everyone was in studio so we can open it together. Then I had the idea of opening up mystery package not only with everyone on the morning show but to stream live video on our Kiss FM Facebook. Many listeners watched our live stream with excitement as we opened up the package not knowing what to expect on what was in the box. It's now what this person sent to us in the box it's what the letter said that warmed our hearts. Watch video as we opened up this mystery package.



Here's the amazing cheesecake she sent us...Yummy!




Thanks to Brisa for warming our hearts with your letter and filling our tummies with this delicious cheesecake. Brisa is a single-mother who works hard for her kids and makes many other kinds of cakes from scratch out of here home and sells them for any occasion! Check-out the "tie dye" cake. If you would like to contact or order a cheesecake message her at Thanks again Brisa from the bottom of our heart!

Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 12.05.21 PM

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