As of this writing, the federal government remains shut down over the fight over the Trump border wall. It's not known how long the showdown will continue, but if things go into the tax filing season, you might not get your tax refund as early as you might like.

The IRS has less than 15% of its workforce working right now. That means if you usually file early so you can get your cash back early from Uncle Sam, you might have to wait a little longer because of the shutdown.

This doesn't mean you can't file your return and pay the taxes you owe. As a matter of fact, you need to do that because if you owe any money to the government, you will still have to get that payment in by April 15, whether the government remains shutdown or not.

The IRS will process tax returns but they will not process refunds. You will also be on your own if you have any questions about filing your taxes. The IRS will not be taking questions from taxpayers during the shutdown. There have been big changes made to the tax system this year, so if you have any questions you should probably ask a tax expert any questions you might have.

You can, of course, still file for an extension on your taxes, but remember - if you owe money, it is still due by April 15.

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