A woman who went shopping at Old Navy wound up liberating herself from the haters this Independence Day.

Taylor, 25, was in one of the franchise's stores over the weekend when she overheard a teenage girl and her mother making a fat joke about a large tank top that left Taylor in tears.

Taylor eventually got herself composed and bought the tank top in question because, as she put it, "I look fierce in it!"

Taylor told People, "I just wanted men and women to know that they're not alone in struggling with their self-image, that they're not alone in getting stressed out over shopping for clothes, and that even being a little sensitive is okay." Old Navy, meanwhile, plans to reward Taylor by giving her a gift card.

Taylor's post has resonated with the public. It's generated a slew of comments, both positive and negative, with some applauding her and others saying she took a conversation that she wasn't even involved in and making it about her.

What do you think? Is Taylor is a hero or is she off base in her reaction?

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