Every year, the new year starts off with resolutions to lose weight.  Well, this year The Bert Show had a few members battle it out in the weight loss challenge.  The winner was announced and now it's time for the loser to pay up!

This year The Bert Show's director, Tommy Owen challenged the show's web & social media director Cassie Young.  The entire challenge was very emotional for both of them.  They have both faced weight issues in the past and this really had it's ups and downs.

The deal was, the loser would have to dance in their underwear to a song of the other's choosing.  They both did an amazing job and worked really hard.  Tommy was crowned the winner by only 3%.  So that means Cassie has to dance!

Here is her video and the song Tommy chose was 'Slave For You' from Britney Spears.  I have to say that Cassie is a beautiful woman and so brave for doing this.  Here ya go!

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