I'm having a celebrity skin overload here!  I CAN'T HANDLE ALL THE FLESH!  Apparently, the fad this week will be leaked cell phone pictures after hack jobs are performed.  Our latest are January Jones & Heather Morris, but toss Olivia Munn onto the list too, she's the big winner and her leaked pictures make her seem very nice.

I won't be posting the pictures because I've got the radio station fined already once in the past week, because TMZ consists of blood thirsty wolves that don't like sharing.  But I will tell you about this new thing called Google where you can type any phrase into a search bar and it finds things for you.  It's actually AMAZING!

WWTDD reports that the Heather Morris pictures are in fact real, but the January Jones pictures are faked.  They also report that Olivia Munn is making parodies of her alleged cell phone hacked pictures.  They call it bad PR, but I call it AWESOMENESS!

See the Olivia Munn gallery of hacked pictures and get the full story about the parodies she's making here at WWTDDWARNING!  THE CONTENT THAT LINK TAKES YOU TO COULD BE DEEMED NSFW DUE TO FOUL LANGUAGE...THE PHOTOS ARE MORE LIKE PG-13.

Grab the details about Heather Morris & January Jones at the same website, but a different link, found by clicking here.

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