The Family Dollar in Pampa allegedly told a woman that her service dog was not allowed in the store.

Summer Wadley said she was diagnosed with epilepsy about a month ago after suffering from seizures for six years. She got her service dog, Marshall, to assist her with the disability.

Marshall is an adorable dalmatian puppy who is certified as a service dog. He can sense when his owner is about to have a seizure and knows how to alert others to the situation. Basically, Marshall's job is to make sure Wadley is safe and cared for if she has a seizure.

Wadley said she never had an issue with Marshall until Monday, February 15th, when she went to a Family Dollar in Pampa.

According to Wadley, the store manager told her that Marshall was not allowed in the store. She told the manager that he is her service dog and the manager said he needed to be wearing a vest.

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) states that a service animal or a training service animal is not required to wear an identifier, such as a tag or a vest.

Wadley said she tried to show the store manager the law on her phone, but she refused to look at it.

A statement from Family Dollar said that all people with service animals are welcome in the store and Wadley was treated fairly, as she was able to make her purchase. However, Wadley said she was embarrassed by her treatment.

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