We're in the season where grocery story shelves are stocked with Easter egg decorations, candies and chocolate bunnies .

One of my favorite Easter candies are the marshmallow Peeps. I love peeps! This year Peeps has not only expanded their candy section but also have moved over to the dairy side by launching Peeps flavored milk. They offer three different flavors Chocolate Marshmallow, Marshmallow and Egg Nog.  If you like Peeps then i'm sure you'll be in heaven.

Now your probably wondering how much calories are they. The plain and chocolate marshmallow versions use 2 percent reduced fat milk--but each boasts a whopping 250 calories per cup serving with 37 grams of sugar. The thick Egg Nog has 380 calories, 18 grams of fat and 40 grams of sugar in a one cup.

Peeps flavored milk will be available for a limited time only during Easter season. I'll make sure to try out first and let you know how they tasted.

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