There's nothing I love more than paying a visit to the Amarillo Zoo. It's a great facility and it's clearly a labor of love for the City of Amarillo. It's also been a busy place here lately. We're halfway through Spring Break and Easter is coming up quick, which means there are plenty of activities to check out for your little ones--and you might enjoy yourself as well.

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But anyway, on to the latest news from the Zoo! There's an entirely new reason for you to plan your next visit. The City of Amarillo made the announcement today that an adorable female bear cub would have a new home with the Amarillo Zoo.

This bouncing little bebe bear cub is not even a year old and let me tell you... this is cuteness overload!!!

Source: City of Amarillo/Amarillo ZooSource: City of Amarillo/Amarillo Zoo

Now, you won't be able to come get a glimpse of this precocious cutie just yet. The zoo staff are currently in the process of slowly but surely introducing the little cub to the zoo's resident handsome male black bear named Perry. They've got all their focus on cultivating the perfect environment where the two bears can be come a friendly pair,

Source: City of Amarillo/Amarillo Zoo

This pretty little girl cub came to the Amarillo Zoo with a back story of her own, according to the City. She frequently approached people and was regularly spotted near residential homes in New Mexico, meaning she had likely lost her natural fear of humans. In fact, the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish encountered the friendly little brown cub enough times they knew her by sight.

To prevent any serious incidents with humans in the future (which would surely result in euthanasia), a land owner was able to snare her and turn her over to the Amarillo Zoo. Considering the other possible outcomes of her story, I'm glad to see how luck worked in this cub's favor..

Source: City of Amarillo/Amarillo Zoo

The Amarillo Zoo's main curator, Berkley Hilliard, is on the record saying:

“Most likely, the cub was coming around humans because she was searching for food, We don’t know what happened, but something happened to her mother. We are thrilled to have her here at the Amarillo Zoo. She is a joy. We look forward to everyone being able to see her once she gets acclimated to her new home.”

The Zoo staff hinted at the possibility of them enlisting the public's help in naming the precocious little female bear in the coming weeks.

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