So we just said goodbye to Spring Break 2022 that only means one thing. The race is on to the end of the school year. In just a couple short months the kiddos need something else to do.

If you are a working parent you know how important it is to make those plans. You want to make sure the kiddos have fun. It doesn't hurt if they learn a thing or two as well. I mean that sounds like a win win situation right there.

So as I was looking for options here in Amarillo I came across a summer camp at the Amarillo Zoo. Who doesn't like to hang out with all the animals? Plus learning stuff about animals checks that off the list.

So a no brainer if you are looking for a place to take the kids this summer is the Amarillo Zoo. As luck would have it the registration period is open. So this is really something I would not wait until the last minute to do this.

Most parents will be racing to find a safe place for their kiddos. I remember those days with my daughter. It was a lot of stress figuring it all out but then it made the summer just so much more fun for her.

If you want to check out the camp at the Amarillo Zoo you can get them registered HERE.

Each camp is one week long and you can choose full days or even half days. The zoo camps are open for kids from age 6 to 12. So get to finding the camp they would enjoy the most. Whether they like birds or animals of the rainforest there are several to choose from.

This summer could be one they remember most with a fun camp at the Amarillo Zoo.

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