Have you heard about the Purple Martins in Amarillo? Have you seen the fancy home they have at the Amarillo Zoo? I did some searching, and it turns out that people are crazy about these birds.

So what makes the Purple Martin so special anyway?

Purple Martins Aren't Even The Color Purple.

True story. Purple Martins actually have dark "blackish-blue" feathers.

Thanks to some tricks with light, they merely appear to be purple. In some instances, they might even appear somewhat green in color.

Sarah Clark
Sarah Clark

They're Fast, Agile, And Spend A Lot Of Time In South America.

Purple Martins tend to swoop a lot. It's how they eat and drink.

They're fast, and if you watch them dart around the sky, you'll find they're incredibly agile.

They spend the winter months soaking in the sun from South America. When it's time to lay eggs and further the family line, they come back to North America.

So, Why Do They Have A Super Fancy Apartment Building At Amarillo Zoo?

If you go to the zoo in Amarillo, you'll notice a very complex-looking birdhouse. That birdhouse looks more like a bird-apartment complex. The reason why is the Amarillo Zoo happens to be a Purple Martin sanctuary.

Check the zoo's social media pages. You'll see posts from when they've had Purple Martin eggs hatch. They're doing their part to help keep this species going.

The fact that they're a sanctuary is interesting. These birdhouses used to be a common occurrence. People had them all over.

Sarah Clark
Sarah Clark

The Need For Designated Sanctuaries

In recent history, the Purple Martin boxes have become less common. Younger generations just haven't seemed as interested. This is sad because these birds are now highly accustomed to having apartments to live in when they get back.

Purple Martins Stick Together In Very Large Crowds

They've been seen on weather radars. Thousands of these birds will stick together. Watching a whole swarm of them fly through the sky is impressive and intimidating.

Think Hitchcock's The Birds. Don't worry, though. Chances are they aren't out to get you.

The next time you're at the zoo, keep an eye out near the buffalo exhibit. That's where you'll find the bird-apartment complex and Purple Martin sanctuary.

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