Commuting has its drawbacks: overcrowded routes, toll hikes and the occasional guy who breaks into your house, steals your underwear and wants to make all traces of your family vanish.

Police in suburban Philadelphia say Kornwell Chan, 37, committed a Christmas week burglary of the home of a woman whom he often saw this Fall while they both waited for a train into Philly. In addition to stealing her bras and panties, authorities say Chan turned pictures of the woman’s family and friends face-down except for one of her, which he placed at the center of her dining room table. Additionally, they have records of Chan calling her home nine times between Christmas and New Year’s and looking for her at the train station during that time period.

Chan must be extra sad that it appears he’ll spend this Valentine’s Day without companionship. After all, his online dating profile probably has a laser-focus on a particular type of gal, which is really key in making a good match. Sort of like this:

I like... (woman’s name), trains, riding trains with (woman’s name), bras, panties and pictures of (woman’s name)

I dislike… locks, people in pictures with (woman’s name), locks, pajamas, restraining orders

My idea of a perfect date is … riding a train with (woman’s name), meeting her for dinner and then killing her and turning head into a lamp FTW!

Sigh. It seems like Chan will have to wait until next year to find true love. His bail has been set at $100,000.

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