Ah, Stan Wars. Remember that? There was a time, some years ago, when every pop diva was churning out releases at the exact same time, resulting in some rather legendary battles and hardcore fanbase showdowns. And after today's superstar-packed pop release schedule (July 15), it seems as though we're getting a brief flashback to those dueling days. (Please remember: this is all in good fun.)

On the one hand, there's Britney Spears, who finally made us ooooh after months of delays with her sensational new single "Make Me," featuring G-Eazy. The track is a bold departure from her usual banger-first lead single formula — and judging by the reactions, fans seem to be loving her more chilled out approach to Album 9.

And then, there's Katy Perry, who we haven't heard from since 2013's Prism, featuring her mighty battle cry "Roar." Out of nowhere, she got the KatyCats shook with a surprise song — another motivational anthem with an "R" title: "Rise," a gorgeously sung power ballad to coincide with the upcoming Olympic Games in Rio.

To be clear, we're deeply in love with both — but at the end of the day, charts and sales (and certainly personal opinions!) do still exist, and one song will ultimately reign above the other. In the interest of stirring up some friendly competition, we pose this question: which song is better?

Place your vote below, KatyCats and Britney Army. This poll will end on July 22 at 12 PM EST.