A new image of the purported controller for Sony's PlayStation 4 looks a bit like the DualShock, if it was frankensteined with Move and the Vita's touch-pad.

Destructoid posted an image of what they believe could be the new controller for Sony's supposed next generation console. While at first glance there may not appear to be much different about this new controller from the PlayStation 3's DualShock, upon closer inspection, there's plenty of weirdness going on.

First, there's the big blue light situated between the shoulder buttons. It's been speculated the PS4 controller would integrate Move so separate controllers would no longer be needed. If that's indeed the case, perhaps this is the motion tracking light for the PlayStation Eye.

Next up you'll spot the sleek black rectangle smack dab in the middle of the controller's face. Like integrated Move, rumors indicated the PS4 controller would use a touch-pad similar to that of the rear of the PlayStation Vita. Placing it in between the buttons and d-pad isn't exactly awkward, but it isn't exactly going to be easy to reach either.

Finally, in between the analog sticks, you'll notice what appears to be a speaker/mic of some sort. If Sony is planning on ditching headsets entirely, allowing users to communicate with the controller, that could be really great. However, if Sony is going the Wiimote route, and including an onboard speaker for distinct sounds, that would be less awesome.

With the PlayStation 4 believed to be debuting Feb. 20th at Sony's mysterious press conference, we won't have to wait long to find out just what Sony is thinking with this hulking mass of gamepad plastic.

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