With all the negative vibes surrounding police and the public they protect, the Potter County Sheriff wants to change that and bring the two together.

It is no secret that police all over the country have been getting a bad reputation for being trigger happy.  The relationship between the police and the citizens they protect has had a wedge shoved in the middle.  That will not change until someone takes the first step.

And that is exactly what Potter County Sheriff, Brian Thomas, wants to do.  He is inviting the Potter County residents to join him for coffee.

Sheriff Thomas is wanting to make a difference by bringing his agency and members of the community together to discuss current issues and concerns. Everyone is welcome to come and participate in the conversation. His ultimate goal is to build relationships with the community through causal open to the public meetings.

If you are interested in having coffee with the Sheriff for coffee and conversation, you can stop by St. John’s Baptist Church, 2301 NW 14th on Wednesday August 3, 2016 from 9am to 10am.

Police are here to serve and protect and they just want to give the community the reassurance they need.