Well this is going to equal out to a ton of arrests over the holiday weekend.  Not only is drinking and driving dangerous, but now there's no escaping the DUI charges!  You see, in Texas, when your pulled over, you can actually refuse breath tests.  This will always lead to an arrest, but when you get to jail you can refuse to give blood samples as well.  Basically meaning you take away any evidence the court would have to find you guilty of DUI.  But over the New Years Eve weekend, Potter & Randall counties are going to implement "no refusal" stops!

This means, when you get pulled over, if you refuse to give the breath test, that will warrant the officer to get a blood sample.  The warrants will help officers test intoxication levels to see if they are above the 0.08 blood- alcohol concentration limit.

Basically meaning, you'll be screwed.  That tipsy tow is looking better and better isn't it? (Amarillo Globe News)

Officials with the Amarillo and Canyon police departments, Potter and Randall counties’ sheriff’s offices and the Department of Public Safety announced each department will take part in the program this year. The effort will run from 6 p.m. Friday to 6 a.m. Monday.

Potter County Attorney Scott Brumley said the policy, which will increase police presence on the streets, will give prosecutors the right tools and right evidence to charge someone with a driving while intoxicated offense.

“We don’t want to discourage people from celebrating,” he said.

Let's face it, although it may seem unfair.  About 3000 people die every year in alcohol related accidents.  Roughly 1000 of them happen over the NYE weekend.  So call it what you want, I commend the police force for taking the initiative to make this happen and keep our streets safer.

This hits close to home for me as I've lost a brother in an alcohol related car accident.  Wouldn't you much rather have a brother that's alive with a DUI, then a brother you had to bury?  Yeah, this is for the better.  Let's not get all pissed off about it.  Thanks to Amarillo & Canyon's finest for making this happen!

On a happy note, it's just going to be happening over the holiday weekend.  Be safe this NYE, don't go to jail, don't get hurt, party responsibly!