So tonight's Powerball is a mind blowing 181 million dollars!  That's enough money to solve all your problems, and simultaneously, create millions more problems!  Hey, mo money, mo problems!  So, if I won the jackpot tonight, was would I spend it on?

Nissan GT-R

In my book, the Nissan GR-R would be a must have!  I pick this car for several reasons.  It's reasonably priced, nothing outrages, you can get the top of the line for I think less than 80 G's!  And it competes with the "super cars" that all cost in the hundred-thousands to millions range!


Hey, you're loaded!  Live the life style!  I would buy the sickest mansion in the Amarillo area, one that cast shadows on my neighbors!  I would also ride around, shirt-less, on a beautiful solid white horse!  Oh yea, I'd be that guy!

Mercedes G-Wagon

Gotta hook the wife up, and this is her dream ride right here!  Although the price is way more than the Nissan I'd like to be the owner of, this is a beast of a SUV!  We'd probably fight over this one :)

Hook Up The Family & Friends!

You know you gotta take care of the fam!  So if I cashed in on this jackpot, I would pay off all of my families debts and then give to my immediate family a million each, then my other family, whom I equally love, cousins, aunts, uncles, nieces & nephews, they'd each get 100 G's, and to all my close friends, 30-40 G's each.  I would have everyone sing a piece of paper saying by accepting this money, they can no longer ask to borrow money ever again! HAHAHA!

Give To A Charity!!

Hey let's face it, you gotta give if your getting!  If you've been blessed, I think you're morally obligated to pass the blessings on!  I would dedicate 30% of all my winnings to various local charities across the city.  I would like to think everyone would do that!

Buy A Vacation Home!!!

I love Amarillo!  But hey, we all gotta get away every now and then.  So why not take some of that cash and sink it into a little place of my own in the Caribbean!  That way I can say, "yeah I gotta little place of my own in St. Lucia", it just sounds so sweet action!

What would you do with your money, donate, spend like crazy, invest?  We're curious to know!  Leave your comments below :)