Nobody wants to think about getting the kids ready for Back to School, but unfortunately it is sneaking up on us at a fast pace.  Yes we still have almost a month of summer, but school officially starts on Monday, August 25th.  That's why it is important to start thinking about getting the kids back into their school routines.  So what can you do as a parent to get the kids back on track and back on school schedule.


The week before school, I start getting E. back onto his school schedule.


I think bedtime is the most important thing to work on for getting the kids back to school.  It's best to get your kids sleeping schedule back to where it was during the school year.  I give myself a week to get E. back onto schedule.  We start our school evening routine a week before school starts.  We start with bath time and then bedtime.  I put E. to bed fairly early on school nights because when he doesn't get enough sleep he is not a very happy person the next day and has trouble concentrating on school.  So bedtime comes at 8:15pm.  Which means bath time is at 7:45pm.  He takes his bath, then get into his PJs, we cuddle for a little while or read a book and then he gets tucked in and off to dreamland he goes.

Prepare a School/Activities Calendar

Prepare a calendar.  I am not very good about keeping a calendar.  I know when and where he needs to be but I don't have it taped to the fridge.  So this year I am going to implement a calendar.  Plot out school events, outside activities, and family events.  This way we always know when and where we have to be and it is posted so that he can I can both see it.

Prepping for the Next Day

I have a habit of getting E's clothes ready for him because he takes forever in the morning and honestly it is easier, but I have come to realize that this is a disservice to him.  So getting prepared for the next day will become a routine in our house.  The week before I will show him how to set his clothes out for the next day.  Once he chooses his clothes, then he will pack his backpack with the things he will need.  This way once he wakes up in the morning he can grab his clothes and get dressed quickly.  Plus it is easy to created a designated space in the house for backpacks, papers, homework that way it is in one place all they have to do is grab and go.  You just have to make sure the kids put their stuff in their spot once they are finished with their homework.


Let's face it the older our kids get the more homework they will have so again, the week before school starts, once we get home, I designate homework time.  Since he technically doesn't have homework yet, it is more of a reading and practicing writing  and math.

Dinner or Supper (depending on where you grew up)

Dinner is important for a family.  During the summer I am horrible at cooking a nice meal however I think it is important to have a good dinner during the school year.  So I try to start cooking "real" meals (meaning no sandwiches, TV dinners or chicken nuggets thrown in the oven or microwave at the last moment).  I start planning out our meal calendar that way I know what I'm cooking.

Test out the Morning School Routine

A few days before school starts do a quick test run.  Get the kids up and dressed and packed up like they are leaving for school.  Practice the walk to the bus or take a drive to the school (make sure to account for school traffic).  This way the kids know what to expect and you know when to leave the house.

Start a Countdown to School

Make the countdown to school fun for the kids.  Make a calendar counting down the days til school starts.  Offer your kids encouragement to get them ready for another school year.  The start of school can bring anxiety to your kids.  So make it fun for them and get them excited about a new adventure.

These are just a few tips to prepare the kids for back to school.  Just remember to still have fun (it is still Summer).

What are some of the things you do to prepare your kids for back to school?