Yesterday, I checked my mail and found a neat little surprise. Underneath the junk mail credit card offers, was a children's book. A little confused, I took it inside before stopping to check where it came from.

I sat down at the table, and finally took a good look at the cover. That's when I saw the logo for Dolly's Imagination Library.

It was a pleasant surprise. Not one I was expecting.

If you are unfamiliar with Imagination Library, it was set up by Dolly Parton to help encourage reading in children. Parents can register their child, and they receive free books. This is available up until the time they start school.

According to their website, they give out somewhere around 1 million books around the world a month. To say that this is an incredible program would be an understatement.

I do remember seeing news stories about the Imagination Library last year when everyone was swapping around resources on things for kids during the lock down. Apparently my wife registered our son. I'm sure she told me. I just did the "man thing" and forgot.

Hence why I was pleasantly surprised by something you have to sign up for.

The book we received for our son was a timeless classic; a true epic of survival and overcoming the odds no matter what life may throw your way. It's a heroic saga that follows a protagonist powered by willpower and determination.

We received a beautiful copy of The Little Engine That Could. Somehow it seems incredibly appropriate for our baby that was born in the middle of a global pandemic, and beat the odds to get here.

For more information on Imagination Library, click on this link.

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