Three days in the books at Help 4 The Holidays, and it hasn't been without its challenges. Wednesday we dealt with some cold and rainy conditions in Amarillo, and we were definitely afraid it was going to hurt the flow of donations.

It seems it may have done the exact opposite.

The front half of the day was a bit slower than Tuesday, but we kind of expected that would be the case. Weather has a tendency to run people off from doing anything outside of what they NEED to do.

Then right around 2 pm, it all changed. One large donation came in, then five minutes later, another. Just as we put that donation on the ground inside, another car was right behind with another drop off.

This continued for a solid 5-10 minutes, and a few of those cars were loaded down with some big donations. As people got off work, they stopped here before making their way home.

Amarillo, we can't thank you enough. The way you band together in times of need still amazes me. We aren't anywhere close to done though.

Rain is back in the forecast for tomorrow, and while that forces us inside (because we have to keep the electronic equipment dry), it doesn't stop us from gathering what we need to help this community in a time of need.

Yesterday I challenged businesses to band together and come through with a large donation. So what is the easiest way to do this? If someone in the office takes the lead and gathers everyone up to buy just one or two items per person, think about the amount of items that could be dropped off in short order? It would be a game changer.

So let's make it happen. What business can bring the largest donation? How many different Amarillo offices and businesses can come by with a donation? When you drop it off, tell us what business you're with. You'll get the love you deserve, and we'll challenge others.

To everyone who has stopped by with donations so far, thank you. For those collecting items and coming later, thank you. For those who want to but can't, thank you. We love you all. Here's to a big day four.

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