Several tornadoes hit near Granbury, Texas demolishing homes and killing at least six people and could climb higher. At least fourteen people are unaccounted for but authorities are still working on an updated number. The storm was reported at about 7:30 p.m., and reports of rotation came in at about 8 p.m. Lake Granbury Medical Center said it received more than 40 people with injuries such as minor abrasions, fractures and other injuries.14 others were admitted, while another 16 people were taken to Fort Worth hospitals.

The tornadoes damaged areas three miles east of Granbury that have about 110 homes. The tornado was part of a system of severe thunderstorms that led to several tornadoes across North Texas and dropped large hail the size of grapefruit in some areas.

According to preliminary reports, there were 10 tornadoes in North Texas on Wednesday night. People searching for family members are asked to call 817-579-2888.

Please keep them in your prayers!


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