Every year we partner up with 6th st. Massacre and promote their haunted house during Halloween season. But, it turns out that this building is really haunted 365 days a year. Over the years 6th Street Massacre has been one of the favorite haunted houses in West Texas. As a matter of fact, they were voted the #1 haunted house in Texas by the book "Haunted Texas". Many employees from 6th Street Massacre have had encountered many different things in the building.

So, the owner of 6th Street Massacre 'Mike Fisher' decided to call in professional ghost hunters. Dan Gunthrie, a very popular ghost hunter, caught many pics and videos of strange occurrences during his visit to 6th Street Massacre. Due to so much activity at the historic building on 6th street, ghost investigators from the biography channel's show "My Ghost Story" came to Amarillo to film the activities at 6th Street Massacre. This episode profiled ghost investigators looking for paranormal activity in this old movie theater.

Check out the video below.