I was pleasantly surprised when I made my trip to Bomb City Vodka. Even though I'm not a fan of vodka, I still had a great time.

If you aren't looking for Amarillo's vodka distillery, you probably won't find it. The building is nestled in what looks like a residential neighborhood. At first I thought my gps had taken me to the wrong place.

Once inside, the first thing that struck me was just how busy the place was. For having been open for only a handful of weeks, there was a line to get to the bar.

My only major complaint was the amount of time it took to get an order. With only the one bartender serving drinks, it meant waiting in line longer than I would have liked.

I ordered a vodka martini (blasphemy, I know) and a Moscow Mule. The martini was just ok. The Mule was fantastic. I'm glad my party left when they did or I would have sat down and drank those all night long.

The Bomb City Vodka is actually pretty good. I'm not a huge vodka fan, but I found the vodka at Bomb City to be smooth and quite nice. It was like some other vodkas I've had where I feel like I'm sipping on kerosene.

The atmosphere is nice. The decor has the "warehouse/distillery" vibe you would expect. Upstairs there are games like cornhole, washers, shuffle board, foosball, and others.

All in all, I would recommend grabbing some friends and heading over to the distillery. The laid back atmosphere was nice, and you could have a conversation without needing to yell over background noise.

Just be sure you aren't in a major hurry, and plan on hanging out for a bit when you go.

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