It was a pretty quiet area. Even though there are several neighborhoods surrounding Rockwell Road, it's far enough away from Canyon and Amarillo that you don't usually have to deal with all of the negatives that come from "city living."

So why is there so much bad news right now near Rockwell Road?

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They Finally Caught The Suspected Arsonist

There was a string of fires near Rockwell Road recently. Many speculated it was arson, and it had people in the area on edge. I live near the neighborhood where it was happening, and it had me worried.

Fortunately, on Saturday, the suspected arsonist was apprehended. With that news, it seemed like those in that area could pause for a second to breathe a sigh of relief.

Another Problem Involving Pets Hits The Area

On the opposite side of Rockwell Road, there is a small neighborhood on Tranquility. That neighborhood recently had its own brush with evil. This time, it involved a family pet.

According to a post shared on social media, a person living on Tranquility Road discovered their dog had been shot by a pellet gun. The dog suffered an infection, and unfortunately was not able to survive.

Again, living in that general area, I'm on edge. My family has two dogs, and I can't bear the thought of anything happening to either one of them. We've started keeping an extra close eye on them when they're outside.

This issue involving pets being targeted isn't unique to just this neighborhood. This is something happening in other areas of Amarillo as well.

While the area isn't notorious for being a hotbed of crime or other issues, it does have me wondering what's going on. Hopefully the dust settles and we can all get back to living our quiet lives soon.

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