Get ready for some high-speed,yapping action! Tuesday morning on "The Hacker Morning Show" we will be kicking off week #1 of "The Running Of The Chihuahuas." Every Tuesday we will host one race leading up to the finals on October 18th at Ravage Crossfit. Each winner from each week will automatically get a spot for the finals.

Here's this week Chihuahua contestants!


1. "Ahri" -  Has been featured in movies, loves penguins, and trains every morning by running on a treadmill.


2. "Coco" - Fiesty, loves romantic strolls around Medi-park and loves to listen to Michael Buble.


3. "Hopie" - Loves to be cuddled, speaks 8 different languages, and is planning to go on a comedy tour.


4. "Zoey" - Former mix martial dog champion of the world, loves to snack on pizza pockets, and is a huge college football fan.


5. "Gracie May" - Loves to sew, cook and is a huge fan of the show "Empire".