This almost made me cry reading this story and looking at this picture. This shows that dogs do have hearts too and cry when a loved one has passed away. These 2 pit-bulls were crossing a busy street in Phoenix when the female pit was struck by a car and died on the side of the road. The male pit-bull stood by her side for up to 14 hours mourning along side of her and kissing her till Animal Control got there.

A local business put out water and food for the male pit-bull as he laid there. animal control said there was no dog tags on the dogs so they do not know who the owner of the dogs are. The dogs will be put up for adoption for 72 hours.

I hope someone will adopt the male pit and that animal control doesn't put him down. I know animal control gives the animals  72 hours for adoption if nobody adopts the animals they put them down.

Do you think they should make exceptions for this pit, or do you think maybe the pit wants to be put down so he can be with his female companion that got hit by the car?


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