Legend has it, every year, Santa's elves take the big sleigh out for an early test run to blow off the dust. But this year, something went wrong and they lost a bag of Santa's presents.

So Santa has asked us to help him find the presents, and as a reward, he will give them away to whoever helps to find them! That's where we need your help!

Download the app on your phone and do the Santa's Stash Scavenger Hunt. Complete each challenge for your chance at winning prizes from over 70 businesses throughout Amarillo and the grand prize of thirty-five hundred dollars! That means there will be at least 70 big winners!

Here are the different challenges you can take part in to earn points:

  • Photo Submission: Users submit a photo (EX. Send a photo of a Roaster’s cup).
  • Facebook Post: Users post a status update on Facebook about the business.
  • Instagram Post: Users post a photo on Instagram about the business
  • Twitter Tweet: Users tweet about the business and include hashtags
  • Location Check-in: Users check in at a certain location per the business request
  • AR Token: Users collect tokens with their device’s camera (Pokemon Go! style)
  • Code Word: Users enter in a code word about that business that can be found on location or online

You can find a list of those business and challenges on the app.

Plus, you'll have other challenges all over Amarillo.  Check in at certain historical locations, visit us while we are live and on-location, name that song challenges as well.  We have you Santa Secret Stash hook-up.

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Powered by Cinergy Entertainment at Townsquare Village. Start searching for Santa's Stash now on the app!

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