As the old saying goes; if it's too good to be true, it probably is. There's a scam on social media that starts out posing as an area water park.

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Earlier today, Canyon Aqua Park took to social media to address what amounts to scammers pretending to be the park in order to get you to fill out some forms. The most important thing to know is that Canyon Aqua Park has stated they would/will never ask you to fill out forms or register personal information.

Digging through the comments on the Facebook post from Canyon Aqua Park I was able to find screenshots where a page pretending to be CAP informed the individual that they had won a pretty nice prize. In order to get their "PPHM, TEXAS Outdoor Musical, and CAP tickets, all they had to do was fill out some forms.

The way it starts, is that a profile (not a page) named Canyon Aqua Park will send you a friend request. Then they post something like the image below. It uses weird language like "you have met our requirements."

At that point you're directed to a website where you fill out a form, and then you wait to receive your prize.

The strangest part of it all, to me, is the friend request. It just screams "red flag."

That's because they already have a Facebook page, like most businesses, with followers. If they were doing a giveaway, why would they have to make a new page?

Again, Canyon Aqua Park has said they will never ask you to register your personal information.

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