So much for the end to "snow days." We get snow days through the rest of the week.

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Yesterday, the new threat level being monitored (the one regarding electricity in our area) went up to a Level 2. While I am not certain of the specifics, I gather it is worse than Level 1 and not as bad as Level 3.

Level 3 is when we go back to "rolling blackouts."

To help keep us from needing to go back to Level 3, several city and county offices are remaining closed for the rest of the week.

The biggest shock was Amarillo ISD, Bushland ISD, and Canyon ISD. All have announced that there will be no school Thursday and Friday. I've often joked how it would take an act of God to get school to cancel around here.

Looks like God wants us to stay home.

The tricky part is that some daycare facilities are also closing to help reduce the amount of strain put on our utilities. This is starting to feel like spring semester of 2020, just a lot colder.

Hopefully by next week this is sorted, and isn't as big of an issue. Temperatures are supposed to warm up this weekend, which will hopefully mean we all won't have our heaters on full blast.

WTAMU has canceled classes through the rest of the week. I'm willing to wager that the city services that have been closed most of the week remain closed.

Randall County Sheriff's Office put out a release that did a great job detailing everything. You can check it out below. If you don't follow their page, I highly recommend it. They have been great at getting information out in a timely manner.

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