A new study by Lehigh University reveals that Donald Trump is four times more likely to mock or criticize other Presidential candidates than Hillary Clinton. 

So his campaign staff must go crazy when Donald tweets something.  One of the things that pundits say is that his tweeting rants cost him votes.  For example, 10% of his tweets contain uncivil language or words like 'liar'.  25% of Donald's tweets are criticisms or attacks.

Many people have experienced the wrath of Trump when it comes to his tweets.  Perhaps his most famous is his feud with Rosie O'Donnell.  There were many times during the Republican primaries where he threw shade on his rivals (ask Ted Cruz or Jeb Bush).

Most recently, he went on a 3am twitter rant about former Miss Universe Alicia Machado.  Hillary Clinton claims he called her Miss Piggy after she was crowned in 1996 because she put on weight in the year of her reign.  Machado affirmed those claims and said he treated her rudely.  So Trump went after her big time on Twitter.

Even if you don't support Trump, it's worth it to follow him on Twitter because you NEVER know what he'll say!

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