The new Embassy Suites is scheduled to open during the summer of 2017 and this new hotel will be huge and beautiful. The Embassy Suites will have 18,000 square feet of meeting spaces, an upscale restaurant, indoor swimming pool, spa, 24-hour fitness center, and 226 suites. The hotel will be walking distance from the Amarillo Civic Center. This will be great for people visiting Amarillo for events at the Civic Center. This 6-story hotel will be a great place to host a seminar or business meeting and will have a awesome indoor swimming pool and I heard the restaurant will be amazing!

This hotel is just part of some of the big changes happening downtown. The new baseball stadium is going up, as well. Hopefully that will bring tons of new tourists to Amarillo so they can stay at this new hotel!

I am looking forward to the changes that are happening to downtown Amarillo and can't wait to stay the night at the new Embassy Suites opening up in the summer of 2017! Check out this cool video of what downtown might look like next summer.

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