We are quickly approaching the halfway point of the first season of Sod Poodles baseball in Yellow City. No matter how you felt about them coming in, you have to admit it's been a roller coaster of a season.

Have we won every single game? No. But we are still in the running for taking the top spot in the division. It's still anyone's game at this point...so to speak.

According to a press release that came out this morning, we can now also boast about seven of the Sod Poodles have been named Texas League All-Stars. They will be making an appearance in the Texas League All-Star game on June 25.

Along with the players, manager Phillip Wellman and his team staff will be taking the helm of the Texas League South Division All-Star Roster.

The Soddies making it to the All-Star team are Luis Torrens (C), Ivan Castillo (2B), Owen Miller (SS), Edward Olivares (RF), Kyle Overstreet (UTIL), RHP Emmanuel Ramirez, and LHP Travis Radke.

The All-Star game will be held in Tulsa and will be broadcast on MiLB TV.


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