There's nothing worse than a thief. This Uber driver found that out the hard way.

I've never driven for Uber, but with prices so low to get around, I can't imagine that job is necessarily high-paying. That said, they work hard and long hours to make what they do, so the last thing they deserve is some shady, entitled passenger taking some of their dough!

Sadly., we still live in a world where some people think they can get away with anything, even taking another human's belongings.

A dashcam video has gone viral showing an Uber driver dropping off his passengers. There are three in the car, and the driver didn't notice anything unusual. Whenever the car stopped, however, things got a little disappointing. One of the passengers simply grabbed the money out of the driver's tip jar, which was sitting on the console.

The worst part, the thief looked right at the camera, KNOWING she was being filmed... But that didn't stop her. The driver didn't notice until after they left, and that's where the footage ends.

Don't be this girl!

WARNING: Profanity in the video below.


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