Today on Behind The Mic with D.B. Nyce. So I saw this at the Walmart on Georgia and it blew my mind. Really? It wasn't even Christmas yet and Walmart is jumping ahead two whole months. Also, as a part-time Uber driver, this is not something we want to happen in our car.

Credit: D.B. Nyce

Too Soon For Cupids!

It was Christmas Eve and I took my son to the Walmart on Georgia to get some stuff for Christmas morning breakfast. After getting the last thing we needed we started to head down this aisle. That's when it happened. An explosion of pink "I Love You" everywhere. I mean, tomorrow is Christmas and I am looking at Valentines Day candy. Wow! Is it too soon?

Credit: Getty Images

Uber Drivers Are Lousy EMTs

In case you did not know this, let me warn you that Uber drivers are not doctors or EMTs. If you are having a heart attack and you want them to drive you to the hospital, you might not make it. That is not stopping people from trying to save a few bucks. People are now calling Uber to get them to the hospital instead of an ambulance. The reason why it may only cost you 10 to 15 bucks for an Uber. Where an ambulance could cost you thousands of dollars. There are people taking that chance.

What do you think? Is it too soon with the Valentines Day stuff? If you shot, would you take an Uber to save money? Tell us in the comment section below.