You won't see actress Shailene Woodley with her nose buried in her cell phone, tapping away furiously at the keypad, responding to texts and religiously checking her email. Why? Because she doesn’t own one!

The actress is on the cusp of major superstardom once 'Divergent,' which is said to be on par with the 'Twilight' and 'The Hunger Games' franchises, hits the multiplex later this month.

But right now, Woodely, 22, is cell-free.

"I’m not a big technology person," Woodley admitted. "I don’t even have a smartphone. I don’t even have a cell phone! And if I were to have one, it would be a flip-phone."

Gasp! A flip phone? That's an artifact at this point. No BlackBerry? No iPhone? We're having trouble processing this info. She clearly values privacy and actual human-to-human contact, but Woodley is old school!

She continued, "There’s a bigger lack of privacy than there’s ever been, but there’s also a bigger lack of camaraderie and community than there’s ever been. I mean, just asking people for directions. Since I got rid of my phone, having to pull over and be like, 'Hey, buddy -- do you know how to get here?' I’m talking to people more than I’ve ever talked to in my life because I no longer have that crutch."

Woodley further mused, "The more you get away from all the technological buzz, the more freedom you have."

You know, she has a point there. Maybe she'll inspire fans to ditch their cells for a few hours when they hunker down in the theater see her kick butt as Tris in 'Divergent.'

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