Paul Oka, Flickr
Paul Oka, Flickr

Don't like the new Amarillo City Ordinance Hands-Free Only Cell-Phone ban?  This is what you're looking for right here!  A chance to dispute the new ordinance comes in the form of an online petition.

Authored by Robert D. Taliaferro, this petition is for individuals that want to work together against the newly passed cell-phone ban.

The petition asks that the City of Amarillo revise the ban, supporting a restriction on texting while driving, but not talking on the phone while in a vehicle.

From the petition (hosted at Petition Online):

We reject the action of the City Council and revised cell phone ordinance. We concur and thus voluntarily agree to support the ban against texting while driving while not relinquishing our right to Freedom of Speech, inter and intra state commerce, and other Constitutional guaranteed rights and liberties.

In my oh so humble opinion, I can say I do agree with the author of the petition.  I believe placing a ban on texting, checking email or surfing the internet while driving is a must.  However, I think talking on the phone should be allowed.  Just an opinion, and we've all got one.

If you want to sign the petition, you're in luck!  Simply click the button below and from there click on Sign Petition, you'll have to fill in the blanks with your name, email address, answer 2 questions, and you're all done.

Best of luck to everyone, no matter what side of the coin you're on :) (CHEESE)


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