Everyone is entitled to certain breaks during their workday.  Lunch and two 15-minute breaks are actually mandatory by law for an eight hour shift.  So, should non-smokers get extra vacation days?

First off, I have no problem with smokers.  Some of my dearest friends smoke.  Now with that being said, I don't smoke.  I come to work everyday and try to be as productive as possible.  And when it comes to production, I feel that non-smokers work more than smokers do.

An average smoker takes between 4-6 extra smoke breaks a day.  Let's look at it like this, a smoker who works 5 days a week and takes four 10-min breaks a day is actually wasting 7.2 days a year on smoke breaks.  Some might say their smoke breaks are only 5 minutes long, that is still 3.6 days a year.

For us non-smokers, that is 7.2 days that we could use towards something else, like vacation!

What do you think?  Take our poll.

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