Do you have just a ton of random ornaments you got over the years? I mean you may have started out with a plan. You want only red and blue ornaments on your tree. Or maybe you decorate all in Star Wars characters.

Over the years you though start collecting those ornaments your kiddos make. Those are most precious aren't they? You get to take a trip down memory lane every year when you take them out of the box.

When my daughter was born we were huge Disney fans. Her nursery was decorated all in Winnie the Pooh. She still has her baby blanket we had personalized for her from the Disney store with her name, birthday and weight. It lays right there on her bed.

So when we started the Christmas Tree tradition we started with ALL Disney ornaments. We were even part of the Disney Ornament of the month club. I think I paid that $14.99 per month for a few years. We got all kinds of ornaments. From the Lion King to Aladdin oh and even 101 Dalmations.

So then as my daughter got older I let her go to the store and pick out an ornament every year. They still seemed to always be some kind of cartoon or kid character. That is how we gained the Power Puff Girls ornament and the Wizard of Oz.

So even though she is all grown up and moved out of the house, every year when I grab the box of ornaments I get to relive all the fun times. Most every ornament means something.

What kind of ornaments do you put on your tree? Comment below.

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