Snookie & Deena of Jersey Whore, I mean Shore did a little partying on the last episode and it really offended all 5 of my senses.  Well dig into that here in a few minutes but for now let's talk about why God let this happenI think it's a punishment for all the sins I committed in the past.  He knows I have to research this stuff, so he's punishing me for being a sinner in my early days.  I would like to publicly ask God for forgiveness and I pray he never puts the world through this again.

Moving on...

So as I was saying they did a little partying.  First, they ended up flashing their hoo-haws to the world because they for some reason forgot to where panties (at this point we now see that Britney Spears has more class then them).  So there's 1, they offended my sense of sight.

They started making out and the noise of these 2 nasty creatures swapping saliva just threw my gag reflex in.  So here, they offend not only my sense of sound, but also my sense of taste because I threw up a little in my mouth.  And you know how when you taste something you can smell it?  Well there you go, it also offended my sense of smell.

I then went numb as I fell to the floor in a seizure so there is the final sense of touch.

Good job ladies, if you can even be called ladies, you made a man completely go into shock all over his body.  Not in a good way either don't go bragging to your friends.

Challenge!  I dare you to try and eat a full cup of chocolate pudding while thumbing through the rest of the photos of them making out!

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