There are a lot of different places in Amarillo that people get excited for when they hear they are opening their doors or building a new place in the city. Then there are places that people are absolutely shocked are opening or re-opening.

This one falls in the relatively shocked that it was re-opening category, however, I'm starting to wonder when and if it truly is ever going to re-open.

Months ago, new signage went up at Cassidy's Polo Club. In fact, we noticed a new sign being placed on the building in July 2023.

The thing about it is, that's seemingly the last thing that's happened with it. Once a sign goes up on a building, it typically means they are no more than a couple of months away from opening the doors, and some sooner than that.

Cassidy's though has just sat there. No cars in the parking lot, no movement, nothing. I've driven past it several times on my way somewhere and never once have I seen any indication it's going to re-open.

Rumors that floated around town said it was going to re-open as a bikini bar since they couldn't go back to what they were when the doors shut permanently. I also heard a couple of rumors that it was going to re-open as a bar or sports bar.

I question if we're ever going to find out what their plan is. With how long it's taking, it makes me wonder if they are trying to challenge the ruling and try and re-open as more than just a bikini bar. I don't think that's a battle they can win, so I don't know that its that.

I wasn't here when they were open the first time, but I've heard some stories that came out of there and it makes me wonder if they're struggling with the city in getting everything they need to open the doors back up.

So for now, we sit and wait to see if they're going to ever re-open, or if it'll remain just a vacant building with some pretty new signs to remind us of what it once was.

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