Don't be alarmed, our planet is just going to get pelted by a Solar Storm this weekend, but scientist say not to worry.  Typically, when they say that, I tend to worry!

Since the "space weather" forecast is looking a tad stormy, power grid operators and airlines have all been notified, but again, they are stressing that this is nothing major and not to worry.

Amarillo Globe News reports:

"This isn't the mother of all anything," said forecaster Joe Kunches at the government's Space Weather Prediction Center in Boulder, Colo. "We don't see any ill effects to any systems."

The storm began Thursday when the sun unleashed a massive flare that hurled a cloud of highly charged particles racing toward Earth at 3 million mph. It was the sixth time this year that such a powerful solar outburst has occurred; none of the previous storms caused major problems.

And I guess since none of the other major storms caused problems, they aren't expecting this one to cause any damage.

Still, if your cell phone starts freaking out and dropping calls this weekend, at least you'll have something to blame it on.  This will make for a great weekend to blow people off that are trying to call you!

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