Have you ever heard the rumor that the old Summit Elementary School off Amarillo Boulevard is haunted?

It wouldn't be surprising. There are tons of ghost stories around Amarillo, from San Jacinto to Gebo's.

Well, I stumbled on this video on YouTube that was recorded in 2010. A group of people went to Summit Elementary and recorded raw footage from a digital camera used to take photos. They also used a digital recorder to record audio at the school.

In some of the pictures on this video, you can see a lot of orbs, which are said to be spirits flying around. There are a few videos on YouTube from people who have visited Summit Elementary, so you can check out other supernatural experiences. And if you've ever visited the school yourself, please share your story! However, we don't condone trespassing on private property. Always get permission!

Unfortunately, the video is now private on YouTube.