We got enough problems as it already is these days, Weather, Covid-19, giant mutant squirrels (wait, you don't have those in your yard?), you name it. But of all things, when someone goes around saying they are somebody they're not, that just makes matters ten times worse.

Case in point. Some winner (and I use that term loosely) is going around claiming to be Lt. Pat Williams with the Randall County Sheriffs Office. Their winning play? That you that you need to cough up some bond money or risk being arrested. The person (or persons) involved are even spoofing the official RCSO Telephone line and leaving very official-sounding voicemails that can be a little unsettling to hear.

Here's the good news, This call ain't legit and no, you're not going to jail. Well....you might be if you happen to be the genius who's pretending to be Lt. Pat Williams of the Randall County Sheriff's Office.

Officials with RCSO have made statements advising the public to use common sense on calls like this. They will never call you and ask for payment details over the phone (or in email for that matter). For that matter officials will never ask you for a social security number or any other identifying material over the phone.

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It's all about common sense. if you ever do happen to receive a call like this hang up and reach out to the Randall County Sheriffs' Department and let them know what's going on and maybe with a little luck they can track down the person or persons who are doing their worst to take our hard earned money.

If there are any questions or to check out a legitimacy of a call reach out to them at 806-468-5800

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