Amarillo is a great place to live and it's no wonder that so many songs mention this great city.

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Why do you think Amarillo has so many mentions in so many different songs?

  • We're on Rt. 66?
  • We're out here just hanging out in the Panhandle?
  • The name just sounds cool?
  • People think we're old west?
  • We're country?
  • It's where the cowboys roam?
  • It's a great place to find a good woman or man?

It could be a mixture of all the above.   We have a great city right here on I-40.   Plus a lot of these songs that mention Amarillo, were written by people who have lived here or spent a great amount of time here.   I personally think that Amarillo is just so great that people want to sing it out loud!

We are all familiar with the most famous song about Amarillo, and that of course is, Amarillo by Morning, by the one and only George Strait.  It was written by Terry Stafford, who lived right here in our great city.

I found so many great songs that mentioned Amarillo, that I had to limit myself on what to share.   If I missed your song, maybe it'll make it to the next round.

25 Songs that Mention Amarillo

Even though Amarillo is a small city, it is a city that is used in many songs, and through many genres.

It's always fun to hear your city in a song.

Here are a list of songs that include Amarillo in the lyrics.

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