You'd be shocked what you find on Craigslist!  It's definitely one of my most favorite websites!  I find all kinds of useful stuff on there, then again, I find some very odd and incredibly unique items for sale as well!  Check out some of these unique/strange (uniquely strange) items up for grams on Craigslist in Amarillo!

This one falls under the category of unique/cool!  I've always wanted one of these for my man-cave!

Stop Light - $125

Working stop light. Set up to flash continuously.

Another one that falls under the unique/cool category!  I LOVE globes!  I have quite the collection myself.  What makes this one unique?  It's a National Geographic globe actually done by the National Geographic Society back in 1961!

National Geographic World Globe w/ Geometer Top & Stand (Amarillo)

image 1image 2image 3image 4

Vintage 1961 National Geographic 12" World Globe w/ Geometer Top & Acrylic Stand

Globe, top and stand are in excellent condition

Asking $40.00 obo

Now this next one would fall under the category of strange for me because this looks like something I would take to a scrap yard.  I don't get why anyone would want "antique metal deck railing", but there's somebody in the 806 selling it!

Antique metal deck railing - $60

image 1image 2

Antique metal deck railing
14' X 27" 31" tall
Asking $60

More under the unique and cool category, but some may find it strange.  I like rustic stuff!  Some folks might think old and rusty wagon wheels are just junk, I think it's man-cave material!

Old wagon wheels - $300 (Amarillo,tx)

image 1image 2image 3image 4image 5

I have old wagon wheels for sale I was wanting 300 for all 3 or 100each

This next one I thought was definitely strange, but then again, I'm not a scrap-booker.  This is a "card organizer" for sale.  Myself, when I get a card, I read it, take out the money, and throw it away!  If I were to keep all the cards I've gotten from birthdays and Christmas or Valentine's Day, etc, I'd have a billion of them!


image 1image 2

Gift info, address & pouches for each month to list person, occasion & date. Spiral bound by Namesakes.

Here's another strange one...a candle!  What?!?  A candle!?!  Can't I buy these at Wal-Mart and a million other places?  I don't go cruising Craigslist thinking, "oh please let there be a candle that I can buy without even smelling first".

New Candle - $5 (amarillo)

Got a new candle for sale..just not my type of smell..Never been used

This next one would be unique and strange.  Unique, because it's a Montgomery Ward & CO catalog from 1895.  Strange, because I don't know a single person that would find this to be a cool collectors item!  But, it takes different strokes, as they say...why would you want this, you can't even buy anything in the catalog anymore.

Montgomery Ward & Co. 1895 Catalog (pub. 1969) - $20 (Amarillo)

image 1image 2image 3image 4image 5image 6

Tea gowns, yards of flannel and pillow-case lace, stereoscopes, books of gospel hymns, the New Improved Singer Sewing Machine, side saddles, milk skimmers, straight-edged razors, high-button shoes, spittoons -- some 25,000 items in all, most illustrated.

This is a replica (reprint in 1969) of the original 1895 Catalog. Please see photographs for best detail and description. Old phone book size book, not a small book.

NOTE: There is a handwritten inscription dated 1969 in the front of this book as it was a gift in 1969 to another.

$20.00 Cash only.

Another unique and strange one here.  A "Brass Bed Warmer", hmmmmm, never heard of one.  Apparently, back in the stone ages, people would use these to heat their beds while they slept.  Technology is so awesome!

Brass Bed Warmer - $80 (10th and georgia)

image 1image 2image 3image 4image 5image 6

Vintage brass bed warmer with beautiful intricate carved flower pattern lid, wood handle, in very good used condition. . The wood is a medium tone and the brass is in excellent condition. Hinged thumb lid for easy opening. Aprox 7" with a 5" handle. Has some minor signs of wear, scratches, etc but is in excellent condition considering it's age. I've listed pictures both with and without the flash, showing detail, true color, and imperfections, and they are considered part of the items description so please look at them closely. Length: 13" Depth: 2"

Extra info: This bed warmer is in amazing shape for its age, pan/tray has never been used few tiny dings on back of tray. Interior almost perfect. Lid has no visible damage and the etching is very deep and clear. Handle brass has some minor wear & handle has a tiny amount of wear. Brass was polished on this item, but no restorative work or refinishing has been done. Rare to find in this high of quality.

Background information: These Items were commonly used in higher class homes. Filling these bed warmers with coal and passing it under the sheets but over the mattress to warm the bed. This item appears to be a late 1800's-early 1900's bed warmer that was used as decor and never actually used for heating the bed.
Asking $80 obo

If your bed is cold at night, this is screaming out to you!


Craigslist has TONS of stuff to offer, and this just proves there is no end to how unique or strange the items can be!

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