The wildfire in the Lake Meredith area has affected many people and destroyed as close as 100 homes. Many families are going back to homes with nothing!

We can't imagine the stress the families aregoing through right now. Kiss Fm will be putting up a drop-off location here at the studios if you would like to help out the families that have been affected by the wildfire.

We contacted Red Cross and here's a list of things they said that families need help with.


Toiletries (like toothpaste, deodorant, feminine products, toilet paper, etc)



Canned Food

Baby Stuff

Dog/Cat Food

We have barrels outside of our Kiss Fm studios located on 6214 W. 34th st (34th & Bell next to KFC). We will be collecting donation all day and night. If yo have question please call us at 806-320-0969. Let's come together and help out the families that have came home to nothing due to the wildfire that affected the Hutchinson County area.

Our prayers are with all the families!


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