Super Bowl Sunday here in the Panhandle has basically been cancelled. Well if you’re a DISH Network customer. Once again TV giant FOX is going the rounds with another satellite provider. Just recently DirecTV and NEXSTAR had a hissy fit resulting in KAMR TV 4 in Amarillo being dropped by the AT&T satellite provider making customers pretty irate. Now it’s DISH Networks turn in the ring with FOX, resulting in DISH Network dropping KCIT FOX 14 here in the Panhandle, and 15 other markets affecting millions of customers.

Fox posted a statement on its website,

“DISH is at it again, choosing to drop leading programming as a negotiating tactic regardless of the impact on its own customers,” Fox’s statement said. “DISH elected to drop FOX networks in an effort to coerce us to agree to outrageous demands. While we regret this is DISH's preferred approach to negotiating, we remind our loyal viewers that the FOX services are widely available through every other major television provider.”

Here is what KCIT TV FOX 14 states on its website, www.keepmystation/

“Fox 14 and DISH must renew the contract that allows the cable company to send our programming to you. Fox 14 has presented our proposal for fair value compensation, based on the value our programming brings you. Thus far, DISH has refused our fair offer and failed to negotiate in a meaningful fashion. We value your loyalty as a Fox 14 viewer, and we feel it’s important to make you aware of this situation. More important, you pay to receive our programming, and it should not be denied to you. Call DISH at 1-800-333-3474, remind them that you have options, and demand that DISH restore Fox 14 uninterrupted in your cable package.”

With only a few days until Super Bowl 54 in Miami you have some great options:

Buy Super Bowl tickets starting at about 6k to 23k per ticket here. With airfare and Hotel stay, plan on spending between $11,500.00-$35,000.00 per ticket.

Check into a local hotel room that DOES NOT have DISH Network, a typical weekend in a decent Amarillo Hotel is anywhere from 200-500 bucks, minus the beer, pizza and wings.

Invite yourself to your in-laws.

Get to your local sports bar really early to secure a seat with a great view, then deal with that one drunk guy and his old lady who cant shut up.

Or just binge watch Netflix with the girls in pajamas.

I know what I’ll be doing.

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