Just because 'Supernatural' season 8 has officially begun with last night's "We Need To Talk About Kevin," doesn't mean the sneak peeks will stop anytime soon!  We're already supernaturally craving the latest episode "What'ss Up Tiger Mommy?," which will continue the Winchester's quest to find one of the stone tablets needed to complete their mission and rid the Earth of Demons once and for all.  But what about the latest clip means Dean isn't going to be very happy to get it?

Mere hours after last night's 'Supernatural' season 8 premiere "We Need To Talk About Kevin," and already we're as ravenous as a Leviathan for more.  So, why wait?  The first official clip of next Wednesday's "What's Up, Tiger Mommy" has hit the web, and it's pretty metal, even for 'Supernatural.'

As the boys investigate an auction for the next possible location of the Word of God tablets, its high-stakes nature means the combat-ready Dean will have to stand down and surrender all of his weapons to even enter through the metal detector!  But of the many instruments of death on his person alone, which do you suppose he's the most reluctant to give up?

Check out the brand-new clip from 'Supernatural' season 8's sophomore effort "What's Up, Tiger Mommy?" below, and tell us what you thought of the premiere in the comments!

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