In a pleasantly surprising move, a Swedish toy company called Top Toy has made a giant leap for gender equality amongst children. Top Toy's Christmas catalog features an interesting twist: the boys are the ones who are playing with dollhouses and the girls are happily playing with the Nerf guns.

Top Toy, which had been called out back in 2008 for fostering outdated gender roles for children in their advertising, has now changed its tune, thanks to Sweden making a push for gender equality in schools.

The government spent the equivalent of $16.3 million dollars to getting rid of gender stereotypes; these measures also included passing a law that required teachers to actively help reverse harmful stereotypes and a new pronoun called "hen" to be used instead of "he" or "she."

It'll be interesting to see if Sweden will be the country to lead the way for gender equality, or if the rest of the world will be slow to catch up. Perhaps one day, we in the US will see a reversal of these outdated gender stereotypes amongst the advertisements for children's toys too.

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