Three Day Weekend For AISD And Others for Labor Day
Amarillo Independent School District has no school this Labor Day, like every year. This year the 4th of September is the day off for students and others. Some parents have made plans to go out of town this holiday weekend, so school will return back on Tuesday the 5th.
Tommy the Hacker Documentary
Anybody who has met Tommy the Hacker knows that he genuinely cares about the people of the community.  He is always trying to make a difference in the lives of others and looking for allies to help him do that.
Amarilo Student Terrified
This video really breaks my heart! Watching this young boy cry to his mom saying he doesn't want to go to school because kids are bullying him is very upsetting. It's sad to see a 8-year-old go through this. No child should have to go through this.
AISD Bus Crash At Tascosa Rd & N Coulter Open To Investigation
An investigation has been opened in the incident of yesterday's AISD bus wreck at Tascosa Rd & N Coulter in Amarillo.  Amarillo Police Department's Traffic Investigation team says charges are pending as the investigation continues.  The driver of the Pontiac remains hospitalized.  The bus driver declined treatment at the scene of the accident, but later went to the hospital.
AISD School Bus Crashes With 41 Students Inside
An AISD school bus crashed today at the Tascosa Rd and N Coulter intersection in Amarillo.  The bus was carrying 41 children and the bus driver.  Amarillo police officers report that 12 children were transported to the hospital, none with serious injuries, thank God!

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